A 2011 study - Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Custom Content - shows that seven in ten consumers say they like custom content because it is tailored to their specific interests. The study conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications.

Custom publications show increased positive impact on purchasing behavior.

68%of respondents say that the companies that provide information about their products in custom publications help them make better purchasing decisions.

66%say they are likely to buy from the same company that provided them with a custom publication.

63%say they have bought something they saw advertised in a custom publication.

Custom publications continue to strengthen consumers’ relationship with sponsoring companies.

78%say that custom publications indicate companies are interested in building good relationships with consumers and most feel better about the sponsoring company when they are reading a publication the company has provided.

Majority believe custom publications are valuable.

70%like custom publications because the publications provide articles and information targeted to the reader’s specific interests.

Custom publications are preferred source of information about companies.

74%feel that getting information from a company through an interesting collection of articles, rather than an ad, is more appealing.

Companies that provide custom publications are rated positively and recommended to others.

The study indicated that car owners who receive publications from their car companies are more satisfied with their vehicles, and more likely to recommend the company to others, than are car owners who do not receive publications from their car com- panies. Similarly, people who receive publications from their local hospitals are more satisfied with these hospitals and more likely to recommend them, than are people who do not receive such publications.

Readership of custom publications is high.

59%say that, at a minimum, they occasionally pick up and look through the custom publications they receive.

Electronic custom publications, though lagging print, are seen as valuable.

45%feel that electronic custom publications provide a valuable service, and this number jumps among younger Americans.

57%of those aged 18-34 say electronic custom publications provide a valuable service.

Interesting content remains an important selling point.

78%say that when it comes to custom publications, they don’t mind the fact that sponsors are clearly selling their products and services, as long as the publications are filled with interesting (read sticky) information.

METHODOLOGY: The research was conducted via telephone interviews conducted with 1,005 adult Americans between March 11-13, 2011 through Omnitel, a product of GfK Roper. The objective of the research was to document the attitudes of consumers toward custom content.